Some of the technology that has been used in Mittweida:

Click to enlarge  1920's & 1930's at "Technical College"  

"The short-wave transmitter only uised for test transmissions   contains besides the quartz-controlled first stage two additional duplex stages plus an output stage with an antenna power from  50 up to 100 watts."
Click to enlarge  1936  

 ØV2 built by Fritz Grasselt (damals DE 3788/U at the time)
Click to enlarge + former OM

5-band short-wave transmitter (self-built), Receiver: ØV1, later DSH16 Draft and preparation by Arthur Tautz ( 1997) and Hans Böhmel, construction mainly by Gregor Hille (DM2ARI), Claus Lehmann and Siegfried Gebhard (ex DM2AIL) 
"House of pioneers"

 TX: 100W, RX: SH9, Ant: 54m LW 

 10m tank radio station TX:"Caesar", RX:"Emil" 
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 2m station purchased by Günter Rabe (ex DM2CGN) 

 (photo 1967 with Hans-Joachim Arndt)

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 Club station DM3EN  
 left: Guenter Rabe (ex DM2CGN) ??? 
 or Gerhard (Gerry) Huhn (DL5OD) ??? 
 right: Hans-Joachim Arndt DM7MM (ex DM4YEL)
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 RX "Erfurt"

Click to enlarge  1972-7?  

 80m tank radio station "10RT" 
Click to enlarge  1973-80  

 "SEG 15" 
Click to enlarge  197?-94  

 RX "R250-M2" 
Click to enlarge  1975-80  

 short-wave transceiver "Teltow 210" 
Click to enlarge  1976-95  

5-band short-wave transceiver, 100W
Diploma project by Dietmar Lindner (DL2HWA, ex DM2EXH) and Rolf Zschenker (DL3HRZ, ex DM2DZH) 
Click to enlarge  1977-95  

 KW-PA, 1kW 
 Diploma project by Hans Klose (DL7QH, ex DM4MH) 
Click to enlarge  1976-94 (in operation from 1985)  

 2m transceiver 
 Diploma project by Volker Saupe (DL2JCD, ex DM5XRH) 
Bild vergrößern  1980-92  

 short-wave transceiver "Teltow 215c" 

 2m-PA, 50W 
Click to enlarge  1989-93  

 2m transceiver "Snezka" 
Bild vergrößern  1991-97  

 short-wave transceiver "IC-725H"