Services of DMØMW (settings)


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For the operation via D-Star repeater with a gateway port the own callsign as well as the remote station's callsign have to be set (see link "digital radio transmission"). Beside the standard functions there are additional service active at DMØMW

1. Regular transmissions

Between 8a.m. and 10p.m. a time announcement is being sent at the top of every hour.

2. Transmissions for several events

Every 5 minutes DXRobot is being scanned. In case of Aurora or ES within the VHF band DMØMW automatically sends an information (multiple times). The current status can be scanned as well (see below).

3. Transmissions on demand

To request a service the UR call callsign has to be modified.


Following services can be requested at DMØMW :

Please consider the blank spaces!!! Every entry always consists of 8 characters!


Echo, repeat or transmission

DMØMW  I Info, the relay's information text is being played, the repeaters's GPS position des Repeaters is being broadcasted on the data channel.
DMØMW ØX Weather forecast for Saxony for the current day (speech synthesis)
up-to-date example  
DMØMW 1X Weather forecast for Saxony for the next day (speech synthesis)
up-to-date example  
DMØMW 2X Weather forecast for Saxony for two days (speech synthesis)
DMØMW 3X Weather forecast for Saxony for three days (speech synthesis)
DMØMW DX VHF-DX information, the current status is being announced according to gooddx
DMØMW UX Scan and announcement of severe weather warnings for Central Saxony (low lands) provided by the German weather service.
up-to-date example  
DMØMW WX Temperature announcement at DMØMW (thermistor located just outside the window)
DMØMW XX Temperature announcement at DMØMW (thermistor located inside)
DMØMW SØ Saving a transmission
DMØMW RØ Scanning of a saved transmission
DMØMW EØ Deleting of a saved transmission

Example for requesting the echo function:

MY: own call

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