"Day of Saxons" 2009 in Mittweida

The "Days of Saxons" in Mittweida took place from the 4th to the 6th of September in 2009. DKØMIT gave out QSL cards with the special district indicator "TdsØ9".



Our local commitees members introduced themselves in the "areaway" of our university. The planned transmission presentation couldn't occur due to construction works. 

For the parade we artistically formed a car with an antenna, a way to big morse key and some advertising slogans of our club station. 


Beside other guests Jim KO6T paid us a visit as well supervising a stand of the US consulate general Leipzig 20m down the road. 

Furthermore we were able to welcome back Anatoli Solowjow, U6MIR. Including the space travel museums manager he was driving the car in front of us. He nearly spent 2 years in space and with his 16 extra-vehicular activities he is one of the most experienced astronauts in the world. He told us that radio operation became really hard all over Europe. Too many stations calling at the same time. He said the most awesome QSO’s he did in pacific regions sometimes there was only one station at a time. Many cosmonauts and astronauts are visiting the "Museum for space travelling Mittweida" every year.

In this Photo (from left): horst DL1HMM, Anatoli U6MIR, Kartsen DL1RUN