The local committee: S-44

The local committee includes FrankenbergHainichen and Mittweida as well as surrounding areas. 
Former residents and graduates of the Mittweida University Of Applied Sciences are part of the current 49 members.


Club stations belonging to the committee:

DKØMIT Mittweida


DLØFBG Frankenberg


(was Hainichen)

Der D-STAR-Repeater:


ss well as the callsigns:

DN1CM(responsible: DL1JCW)


DN1MIT(responsible: DL5CS)


President of the local committee: 

DL3JRA, Rainer Ahnert


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The local committee can look back upon a long tradition. In 1924 several radio associations were founded in and around Mittweida. On the 15th of May in 1924 the "Mittweida Association Of Radio Hams" was founded. After a few changes of name and the accession the DASD it existed until the start of World War II.

The work was continued in 1954 as a part of the "Association for sports and technology".

In 1990 the club stations of Frankenberg, Hainichen and Mittweida as well as several private license holders fused to the "Mittweida Radio Club". Since 1991 this club is known as the "local committee of DARC".


Also belonging to the committee: