Diploma requirements of the Mittweida-AWARD

The Mittweida-AWARD is given out by the club station DKØMIT for connections with this club station, members of the local committee (S44) as well as XYL/OM who studied, worked or lived (or still do). SWL-reports are valid as well. The diploma can be given out to SWL too.

Connections valid from the 1st of January in 2007. The 140th anniversary of the Mittweida University Of Applied Sciences is the occasion for the diploma.

QSO with our club station and foreign graduants are retroactive from 1924. The universit's callsigns:

1924 1925 1926 1927 1929 1935 1954 1960 1980 1992

( * = Joint users letters from A to Z, DM3EN possible without letters)

A list of the "XYL/OM of Mittweida" as PDF file (currently 249 entries)

All operatin modes valid. Any callsign or rather our special district indicators can be rated once per band. In case of a joint user callsigns replacement (DM3*EN, X32*N) neu besetzt wurden, gilt any YL/XYL / any OM counts as one.


    • QSO with former special callsigns DM8MST; DT3EN; DM8IHS as well as special district indicators 75MIT; 8ØMIT; 85MIT; HTWM14Ø; MIT8ØØ; TDSØ9: 20 points
    • other QSO mit der Klubstation der Hochschule: 10 Punkte
    • QSO with foreign graduants of the Mittweida university: 5 points
    • QSO with the local committee (district indicator: S44) (from 01.01.2007): 5 points
    • QSO with former/current residents (from 01.01.2007): 3 points
    • total score: 100 points

We would like top have a copy of our QSL older than 50 years. In this case the application fee is no longer required.

Diploma consultant: DO1CJ, Hans Gude

Fee: Euro 5

To be transferred onto the account:

3380 0011 03
DARC e.V. OV Mittweida
Sparkasse Mittelsachsen Freiberg
BLZ: 8705 2000

You can also pay with stamps(worth €5) put in with the application.


Postfach 11 21
09641 Mittweida

A GCR list has to be handed in confirmed by an OM. Application model: