DK0MIT getting active

On the 15th of May in 1999 the 75th anniversary of the "Mittweida Association for radio transmission" with the help of AATiS.e.V. (work group for ameteur radio transmission and telecommunication in school) and students of the Mittweida Highschool a stratosphere balloon including a measuring device and amateur television (ATV) has being launched.

Some of the data received by the balloon:

distance travelled: ~150 km
maximum altitude: ~15.500 m
maximum outside temperature: +13 °C
minimum outside temperature: -33 °C
maximum inside temperature: +40 °C
minimum inside temperature: -10 °C
minimum air pressure: 5 kPa
landing: 50°26 N 14°55 E 
in the south-east of Mladá Boleslav  

Between 2002 and 2006 an amateur radio transmission course has been run by the Mittweida middle school "Fichte-Schule".


The "Mittweida Association for radio transmission" was founded ion the 15th of May in 1924. We used our 80th anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate the traditional ham festival on the 15th of May in 2004. All current and former members of the Mittweida local committee, all former students holding an amateur radio license and all radio hams feeling connected with Mittweida, Frankenberg, Hainichen and surrounding areas in some way were invited.

Of 62 booked in XYL snd OM 58 actually showed up.


In September 2009 we have been active at the "Day of Saxons" aktiv.


In June 2012 our Field day took place in Seifersbach. We were also present at the marksmen's festival.

Between the 08th and 10th of June over 30 radio hams met up for the field day of our local committee S44 at the Seifersbach shooting association square. We spent a lovely weekend there. Amongst the guests members of the aircraft radio transmission group have been present as well as OM from Dresden and Grossenhain. Everyone arrived with tents or caravans. Coffee and cake was served for supper, barbebcue for dinner. We had many professional discussions. A presentation about geocaching was conducted by DB6KT. A kite antenna was flown by DL1HMM and antennas have been compared. Many thanks to the Seifersbach shooting association for providing a place to meet. We also thank the many hardworking helpers.


In August 2012 a summer camp run by the German Red Cross took place at the Seifersbach shooting association's area. The motto was "A mediterranean cruise". The Mittweida local committee's OM came for a tinker day with the children. The kids have been super excited although the heat in the tents has been unbearable. The kids crafted a blinking device and a morse key (tutorial in German). Most of them never held a soldering iron before. They also went on a fox hunt using direction receivers. The material has been provided by the Mittweida local committee and the Miitweida University Of Applied Sciences.